Free Local Advertising for Area Businesses

Heights Apartment Living manages two apartment communities in Shaker Heights (at 3341/3351 Warrensville Center Road and 3208/3210 Warrensville Center Road) and two apartment buildings in Cleveland Heights (at 2450 Overlook Road and 2374 Euclid Heights Blvd).

We average about 40 to 60 new visitors a day to each website.  In addition, the two Shaker Heights buildings have 103 apartments and there are 70 apartments in the two Cleveland Heights properties.  If your business is in close proximity to our apartments, we are offering your business the opportunity to advertise for FREE on our websites.  Our intent is to solely provide our residents with a service that will motivate them to frequent your business.

Featured Neighbors with Coupons

Your Discount Coupon Gains Business from OUR Residents

Our Advertising Program publishes and highlights your business information on our Google Map, including displaying your coupon which highlights your special offer.

Heights Apartment Living owns many rental properties in two suburban areas east of Cleveland:

1) Cleveland Heights and 2) Shaker Heights.

We do extensive advertising primarily using Google AdWords (see graph), with over 18,000 impressions in July. We have a significant advertising budget allocated across all the major apartment guides.

Area neighbors who have businesses in close proximity to our apartments can now have their advertisement displayed on our websites in exchange for a gift certificate (minimum value $50) that we will then give away in an on-going contest we conduct every month.

Adwords July Stats

This simple marketing tactic encourages residence to frequent local businesses in our communities, giving us good reviews while earning your business unrelenting loyalty from local residents.

If you own or manage a business in Cleveland Heights or Shaker Heights, Ohio, this is a great way to advertise to local residents. The program will get your business targeted, local exposure to a traffic of tenants and prospective tenants who live either nearby, are interested in the area, or are moving nearby soon.

To participate, simply fill out and submit our order form.